Akiflow Review 2024: The Best Task Manager for Professionals

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In the bustling heart of today’s professional landscape, time is a priceless commodity.

Every second counts, and we strive to get the maximum out of our day.

To achieve this, it’s essential that as a professional we have to plan, execute, and collaborate effectively.

We need to make sure that all of our tasks and schedules are in our full control. Also working in a team, we should be able to work in sync with our colleagues and collaborate effectively.

To make it easier, today I am going to introduce you all to Akiflow. Akiflow is a Productivity tool that helps you to beat procrastination and be more productive throughout the day.

Using Akiflow we can effectively schedule our day and complete all of our tasks on time.

In this complex work environment, Akiflow will prove to be our guiding star towards freedom, efficiency, and a proper work-life balance.

Enough talking. Now let’s get started with our Akiflow Review.


Akiflow is a task consolidation platform that brings all of your tasks and schedules into one place and helps you to plan them effectively.

It has a great design and tons of features like Daily and Weekly Planning, Timeboxing, Command Bar, and many more. It also supports integration with other apps like Asana, Trello, Slack, Gmail, etc.

All of this makes Akiflow the perfect solution for professionals who are constantly juggling multiple tasks, projects, and deadlines.

What is Akiflow?

Akiflow Image

Akiflow is a cloud-based task management and daily planning software that helps us complete our tasks and manage our schedules effectively.

Its intuitive interface, robust features, and collaborative capabilities make it the perfect tool for professionals working in a team.

It brings all of your daily tasks, schedules, and meetings to one place so that you don’t have to look for your schedule here and there in this or that app which in turn helps to boost your productivity.

Now I will tell you how you can get started with Akiflow.

How to use Akiflow?

To register with Akiflow go to their website and click on the “Try for free” button on the homepage.

After that, you will be taken to their Sign Up Page where you can sign up directly through your Google account or by providing your name and email details.

Akiflow Signup Page

After that, you will be redirected to the Billing Page. Choose your plan and click on the Activate Subscription button.

Don’t worry you won’t be charged here. You will only be charged if you choose to continue using Akiflow after the 7-day free Trial.

If you don’t like their service you can stop using them and cancel your plan before the 7-day trial ends.

Akiflow Billing Page

Now you will be introduced to their Onboarding Flow.

First, they will ask you to create your first 3 tasks – Create a simple task, then a scheduled task, and at least a task with a label.

Here you can also set time slots for specific tasks you need to do every day.

Create First Three Tasks in Akiflow

After that, you will be asked to connect your Google Calendar so you can easily manage your schedule in Akiflow.

Connect Google Calendar to Akiflow

After successfully integrating your Google Calendar Akiflow will introduce you to their main feature the Command Bar. This feature will 10X your productivity by making everything available on the app at your fingertips.

Akiflow Command Bar

Now click on “Ready to Go!” at the bottom right and you will enter your Akiflow Workspace.

Akiflow Setup Guide

Inside you will be presented with the Setup guide. Complete all the steps and you are now ready to use Akiflow.

Akiflow Dashboard

The Akiflow Dashboard comprises four main panels:-

  1. Top Bar
  2. Left Sidebar
  3. Task Panel
  4. Calendar Panel.
Akiflow Dashboard Image

In the Top Bar, you have the Command Bar and Search functionality. You can access the Command bar from there and search for any of your tasks, events, or contacts.

The Left Sidebar or the Menu features your Inbox, Today’s and Upcoming Tasks, Labels and Tags, and Daily Shutdown.

In the Task Panel, you can see all of your tasks. Your Inbox and all of your today’s and upcoming tasks will be shown here.

It is jampacked with AI and ML Capabilities that assist you while creating tasks. It makes the process fast and easier.

Finally, the Calendar Panel features the Calendar View. Here you can drag tasks from the Task Panel, timebox them, and manage your schedule.

More To Know

There are four tabs in the Left Sidebar which helps to categorize our tasks. These are as follows:-

1. Inbox – All of your tasks will be collected in the Inbox. It contains all the tasks that we have created in Akiflow or imported from other apps.

2. Today – Here you can see all the tasks planned for today. Also you can go through other days here to view what’s planned for them.

3. Upcoming – Here you can see all the upcoming tasks that are planned for today and the next coming days. You can easily reschedule your tasks as per your schedule.

4. All Tasks – It shows all of your tasks cumulatively. It consists of several options to see your planned, snoozed, done ,and deleted tasks.

Add more Tasks in Sunsama

Akiflow Features

Now let’s dive into some of the features of Akiflow.

1. Task Management

It is very easy and effortless to create a new task in Akiflow.

Just go to the Task Panel, hit ‘C’, or click on the ‘Add New Task’ Button. Type the task you want to create, and then hit enter.

Create task in Inbox or Today's View of Akiflow

Your task will be created.

It’s that easy 🙂

You can also use the Command Bar to create new tasks. Hit ‘Cmd or Ctrl + K’ to open the Command Bar. Type what you want and hit enter to create the new task.

Create task using Command Bar

Now click on the task or hit Enter a Task Popup will appear on the screen.

Here you can set the date, time, duration, and deadline of the task. You can even modify the title and provide some Description of the task.

Task Popup Akiflow

You can make the task repetitive, and time-lock it on your Google Calendar. You can also set priorities and labels for your tasks. For more information, you can visit the Akiflow How to Use Guide.

Besides manually creating new tasks you can also convert your Emails and Slack Messages into tasks. This helps you do things faster and saves time.

More To Know

In Akiflow you can categorize your tasks using Tags and Labels. They help you to better organize and manage your tasks.

Labels are used to categorize your tasks into broader categories or projects. You can further divide these tasks inside labels in Folders and Custom Sections thus giving you a bird’s eye view of your tasks and schedule.

On the other hand, Tags are used to categorize tasks into very specific categories. You can assign only one label to a task but can assign multiple tags to it thus helping you to organize them more granularly.

Add more Tasks in Sunsama

2. Focus Mode

Akiflow offers Focus Mode which allows us to fully focus on our current task and avoid other distractions like sidebar menus, upcoming tasks list, calendar view, and other similar things.

To enter Focus Mode click on a task and then press the ‘F’ button.

Now only the task you have selected will appear on the screen. You can start doing your work distraction-free.

Focus Mode

You can hover on the right to view the Calendar and look at the bottom of the screen to check for the upcoming task.

To end the Focus Mode, You only have to press the ‘ESC’ button.

3. Rituals

One of the standout features in Akiflow is the introduction of Rituals. Akiflow Rituals allow you to effectively plan and review your day.

This feature is similar to Daily Planning and Review in Sunsama.

Akiflow provides two types of Daily Rituals which include Daily Planning 🔅 and Daily Shutdown 🌙.

Daily Planning 🔅

You start your day with Daily Planning. Click on the ‘Daily Planning’ option below Rituals in the bottom left of your Akiflow Dashboard.

Review all of the tasks you performed yesterday. Keep note of the pending tasks. Your Pending tasks will get automatically added to your today’s task list.

Akiflow Yesterday Review

Now click on the ‘Next: Review Today’ button in the bottom left. Here plan for today.

Add new tasks that you want to do today. Add pending tasks from Inbox that you intend to do. Timeblock them on Calendar as per your schedule.

Akiflow Today Planning

Now Click on Done and you are all set for the day.

Daily Shutdown 🌙

You end your day with the Daily Shutdown.

Here you will review your day. Take a look at the tasks you performed or have not yet performed.

Akiflow Today Review

Then click on the ‘Next: Plan Tomorrow’ button.

Now plan for tomorrow. Add new or pending tasks to your list. Timeblock them effectively and click on Done.

Akiflow Tomorrow Planning

You can now stop working and can focus on other aspects of your life.

You can also set the time when Akiflow should remind you to plan the day. Just go to Rituals in Settings and set the time as per your preferences.

Akiflow Ritual Setting

4. Calendar Management

Akiflow seamlessly integrates with all of your Google and Outlook calendars to help you manage your schedule and provide a unified view of all your tasks, appointments, and deadlines.

At the time of writing this post, Akiflow provides native integration for Google Calendar only. In the meantime, you can sync your other Calendars with Google Calendar to see your events in Akiflow.

You can easily connect your Google Calendar to Akiflow.

First, go to Settings and Click on the Integrations tab on the left sidebar.

Akiflow Google Calendar Integration

Choose the Google Calendar option and connect your Google Calendar.

Now you can click on the Calendar tab. Here you can select your Primary Google Calendar and default Conference Tool for organizing your meetings.

Akiflow Calendar Settings

You can customize the Calendar View in your Akiflow Dashboard by simply clicking on the ‘Calendar Settings’ button on the top right.

You can select the number of days you want to see, and make the Calendar small, medium, or large as per your choice.

Akiflow Calendar View Optimization

You can also add or edit the secondary time zone of your calendar. This proves useful in working with your colleagues who are in different time zones.

You can even hide the weekends, add more Calendars, and even lock a task to a specific timeframe on your calendar.

Pro Tip

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts to easily manage your Akiflow Calendar.

  • D – Access the Day View
  • W – Access the Week View
  • M – Access the Month View
  • 2, 3, 4, … – Access 2, 3, 4, … days View
  • Z – Edit the Secondary Time Zone
  • Cmd/Ctrl + Z – Join Upcoming Meeting

5. Time Blocking

Akiflow allows you to Time Block your tasks or events on Calendar so that you can effectively manage and prioritize your tasks.

This helps maximize productivity, improve time management, and increase focus and efficiency.

After creating your tasks you can easily drag and drop them on Calendar to your desired slot. You can set the timings and duration of the task as per your requirements.

Time Blocking in Akiflow

If that task needs to be done regularly every day or every week you can set it to be recurring. This will save you from creating the task again and again helping you save time and efficiency.

You can also assign labels to each time slot. Assigning them labels will change their color as per the selected label this will help you easily understand what you have to work on at a glance.

You can even lock the task by clicking on the ‘Lock in Calendar’ button. This will schedule events on the Google Calendar, so your teammates will know that you are busy and won’t disturb you.

6. Share Availability

Akiflow makes it very easy for us to organize meetings with other people.

Its Share Availability feature allows us to select our free slots and send them to others via a booking link. People can then select one of your slots and book a meeting with you.

It’s that simple ✨

To access this feature Hit ‘A’ or Click on the ‘Share Availability’ icon present in the top right corner.

Select your free slots from the calendar.

Akiflow Share Availability Single or Recurring

Now look at the top right corner.

Here you have two options. Either you can create slots for one Single use or can make them Recurring weekly.

Clicking the Single option will create meeting slots for one-time use only.

Selecting the Recurring option will permanently mark the slot on the Calendar as a recurring event that happens every week.

After selecting the suitable option, you can add the Link Title and Description, you can set the duration and the Preferred Time Zone for the meeting.

To add more customizations click on the ‘More Settings ⚙’ option.

Share Availability Settings

First of all, you will be shown the Event Settings. Here you can set the location of the meeting (app where the meeting will be held), specify the Event Calendar, and edit the Booking Link.

Now head to Locked Calendars. Here select the right Calendars that have your daily schedule as you don’t want to clash your meetings with planned tasks and events.

Also, you can add reminders and buffer time for these meetings.

You can even add Scheduling Conditions like specifying a minimum advance booking time for meetings with you and limiting the number of meetings held each day to help prevent burnout.

Now click on ‘Save and Copy’ and you have successfully scheduled your meeting.

Now you can share your link with your colleagues.

When someone clicks on the link he/she will be taken to an Akiflow Page where they can select their preferred timings. Then they have to fill out their details and click on the ‘Schedule Event’ button.

Select Date and Time for the meeting

In this way, they can easily book meetings with you.

7. Command Bar

Command Bar is the main feature that makes Akiflow different from other productivity apps.

You can easily access the Command bar by using the Alt/Opt + Space (in the Desktop App) or Cmd/Ctrl + K (in the Web App) command or by clicking on the Command Bar option at the top.

You can quickly create and edit tasks & meetings using the Command Bar.

Also, you can use special characters within the Command Bar to add more details to your tasks. For example, you can use ‘=’ to specify the duration of your task or meeting, ‘#’ to assign a label, ‘!’ to set priority to the task, and much more.

Command Bar also provides advanced search and filter functionality which helps you to easily find whatever you are searching within the app.

More To Know

If you have the desktop app, you can even use the Command Bar to capture texts and URLs of the webpages and convert them into tasks.

For this select and copy the title of your webpage, now open the Command Bar. Here you will see the Capture feature. Hit Enter to send it to the Inbox.

Add more Tasks in Sunsama

8. Integrations

Akiflow Integrations

Akiflow allows you to integrate with other task and project management apps like Notion, Asana, Trello, Todoist, Jira, etc.

This helps you consolidate tasks and meetings from all of your apps in one place so that you can properly plan and manage the day ahead without jumping from one app to another.

With Gmail and Superhuman integration, you can easily convert your emails into tasks in Akiflow by simply starring them.

You can also turn your Slack messages into tasks with Slack Integration. You just have to save messages in Slack and they will automatically get converted into tasks in Akiflow.

Although Akiflow provides Native Integration with some apps only, it offers Zapier and IFTTT integration which allows you to connect over 3000+ other apps.

9. Daily Stats

Akiflow also provides you with your daily tasks stats and analytics. You can easily get a quick overview of your day’s tasks using this feature.

You can check the number of tasks you performed, daily goals completed, and time devoted to each task, event, or meeting.

Daily Stats in Akiflow

10. Notifications

Like your personal assistant, Akiflow always reminds you about your upcoming tasks and meetings through real-time alerts and notifications.

Akiflow gives you reminders about upcoming tasks or meetings and new feature updates. It also gives real-time alerts to provide visual feedback on task actions and teach you new shortcuts.

Akiflow Notifications

You can customize Akiflow notifications as per your personal preferences by going to settings and then clicking on the Notifications option. Here you can set the timing of your notifications, control sounds and toggle Do Not Disturb on or off.

11. Akiflow Apps

Akiflow started with a Windows and Mac App in 2020. Then they launched their iOS and Android App and by the end of 2022, they started their web app.

This made Akiflow ubiquitous and accessible from anywhere anytime. You can plan and manage your schedule across all of your devices.

Akiflow Apps

Although Akiflow’s Desktop and Web app are quite similar its Desktop version provides more features than the counterpart web application.

You get real-time reminders and notifications of upcoming tasks and schedules, can access the Command Bar from anywhere, and integrate with Gmail and Superhuman which is still (at the time of writing) not possible with the Web app.

Akiflow’s Mobile app is really simple and easy to use.

By default, its Home Screen features the Calendar View where you can find all of your daily tasks and events.

In the bottom Navigation menu, you will find your Menu, Inbox, Today, and Calendar View.

Akiflow Mobile App

You can easily create tasks and events by tapping on the ‘+’ icon present on the bottom right of the screen. After creation, you can easily timebox them by dragging them with your fingers to appropriate time slots.

In the Inbox or Today’s Tasks View you can swipe left on a task to assign a Label, Plan, and Snooze. You can swipe right to Mark the Task as Done.

In the iOS app, you can even use Siri to create new tasks.

The mobile app is mainly intended to be an extension of the Desktop app therefore, it lacks many other features including custom Integrations and advanced Task & Calendar management.

12. Customer Support

Akiflow provides great customer care service to its customers. Whenever you need help you can chat with their Support Team using the in-built Chat Functionality.

They also have User Help Manuals and a dedicated community of productivity enthusiasts just like you on Slack and Twitter. You can anytime go there and look for help and solutions.

You can even easily provide feedback or report a bug and they will be more than happy to solve it ASAP.


Akiflow Pricing Plans

Akiflow offers a Premium Plan which costs $24.99/month billed monthly and $14.99/month (total of $179.88) billed annually.

It also offers a 7-day Free Trial (no Credit Card required) so that you can check whether Akiflow fits your work style or not. If you find Akiflow useful, you can continue using it; if not, you can easily cancel it within 7 days of trial.

Akiflow also offers some discounts for students, military personnel, and healthcare workers. If you are one of them you can manually contact them through email and they will get you the discount.

Akiflow also practices Parity Pricing therefore your pricing can differ as per your country and currency value.

Pros and Cons

Below I have highlighted some advantages and disadvantages of Akiflow.


1. Akiflow has a minimalistic and easy-to-use interface.

2. It makes planning and managing our day 10X faster and effortless. It also provides Daily Stats which help us better analyze our day.

3. It has many advanced features like Command Bar, Rituals, Share Availability, etc. which help us increase our productivity.

4. It offers easy integration with all other major productivity and time management apps.


1. As compared to other productivity apps, their plans are more pricey.

2. Occassionally, there are some syncing issues with other apps. Delays in data syncing lead to customer frustration.

3. It’s Mobile App is still in Beta so it may have some small bugs. It also lacks many features that the Desktop version provides.

Akiflow Alternatives

Akiflow is one of the best Productivity apps available in the market today. But there are some things and features not available fully or lacking in Akiflow that some people can find beneficial.

So below I have listed some alternatives to Akiflow that you can give up a try and find whether they better suit your needs and requirements.

1. Sunsama

Sunsama Image

Just like Akiflow, Sunsama is a task and calendar management app that helps you become more productive by effectively managing your tasks and schedule.

It provides various features like Akiflow. On top of that, it also allows features like Email Forwarding, setting Weekly Objectives, and much more.

Sunsama is good for people who want a simple yet powerful app for managing their daily schedule. Their pricing is also similar to Akiflow and they also provide a 14-Day Free Trial.

You must also give them a try.

To learn more about Sunsama you can read my full review of Sunsama.

2. Motion

Motion App Image

Motion is a daily planning and task management app with AI capabilities.

Using its AI & ML capabilities it automatically plans your day based on your schedule, work hours, and deadlines.

So now you don’t have to manually drag and drop your tasks to the calendar, Motion does it all for you.

Also, Motion comes packed with all the desired features like Task and Calendar Management, Timeboxing, Pomodoro Timers, Meeting Assistant, and the ability to integrate with a variety of apps.

Its pricing is also similar to Akiflow and it also offers a 7-Day Free Trial. So if you are looking for an intelligent Daily Planner App with AI capabilities, I would recommend you to give it a try.

3. Routine

Routine App Image

Routine is a daily planner app that helps you plan for the day and week coming ahead. It is built to be both a To-Do List and a Note-taking app.

It has a cool feature known as Dashboard just like the now-defunct Dashboard on macOS.

The Dashboard covers all of your screen. You can see your today’s tasks on the left and events on the right. In between there is a console that allows you to quickly add new tasks and events.

Besides this, it also offers features like time blocking, note-taking, basic integrations, and device synchronization.

Routine is still in the development phase and their team is trying hard to make it better day by day.

It offers a Free Plan with limited capabilities that anyone can access. Soon they will be launching some Premium Plans those will come with more advanced features like workspaces, offline mode, availability sharing, priority support, and much more.

So if you are looking for a task manager that is simple, easy to use, and not as complex as Akiflow with all those advanced features then you should probably start using Routine.

You can find more about Routine in my Routine Blog Post.

Who is Akiflow for? And who is it not for?

Akiflow is a versatile tool with a wide range of applications, making it suitable for busy professionals and organizations seeking to enhance their productivity and workflow management.

Akiflow is a must-have tool for you if:-

  1. You are a busy professional who finds it difficult to keep track of his/her multiple work or personal tasks.
  2. You are running a small or medium-sized team of people who want to enhance the productivity of the entire team through effective collaborations.
  3. You are an Entrepreneur or Solopreneur who wants to manage his/her workload and deadlines.

Despite all these features and benefits, Akiflow is not for you if:-

  1. You are a newbie who is just starting and doesn’t have the budget to afford an app worth $24.99 a month.
  2. You are a casual user and just need a simple tool to manage your schedule as Akiflow comes with a bit of a learning curve which we have to master first.

If you find yourself in the category of must-have’s then definitely give Akiflow a try. It will really prove transformational for you.

If it’s not for you then don’t worry, you can check out alternatives like Sunsama, Routine, and Trello.

Is Akiflow worth it?

After personally using Akiflow for many days I found it helpful in managing my hectic schedule.

I liked its Daily Rituals and Command Bar feature the most. By doing Rituals I was able to analyze my day and better plan for the coming day.

The Command Bar feature makes working in Akiflow 10X faster thus helping me become more productive and get more bang for the buck.

Looking at all this I can say that Akiflow is worth my time and money and it can prove a game changer for you too.

Also, I looked for what people are saying about Akiflow on the web.

I found that it has got many good reviews, and has an average rating of 4.9⭐️ across all the major Software Review websites out there.

Website Rating
Capterra 4.8 ⭐️
G2 5 ⭐️
Get App 4.8 ⭐️
Product Hunt 4.9 ⭐️

My Akiflow Review – Final Thoughts

So here is my full review and breakdown of Akiflow. I tried to cover all of its features, working, pros, and cons in as much depth as possible.

Finally, I want to conclude that if you are looking for a productivity tool that comes with an intelligent framework and lots of advanced features to help you manage your work and schedule then you must use Akiflow.

Just like for me Akiflow will prove very useful to you. It’s like having a virtual personal assistant that keeps you in control of your tasks and schedule throughout the day.

At last, I will recommend you to give Akiflow a try. At least Sign Up for their 7-Day Free Trial and see whether it works for you or not.

Also if you find this review useful, don’t forget to comment and share it with your friends and colleagues.

FAQs about Akiflow

Is Akiflow Free?

Akiflow does not offer a Free Plan. However, it offers a 7-day free Trial (no Credit Card required) when you sign up with them.

How to integrate Outlook Calendar with Akiflow?

Although Akiflow doesn’t provide native integration with Outlook yet, you can use Google Calendar to sync your Outlook Calendars.

To integrate Outlook Calendar just follow our Akiflow Outlook Integration Guide.

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