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In this modern world being at the top of our productivity is the key to success. To achieve this we have to plan our day, prioritize our tasks, and effectively collaborate with our team members.

With the mix of the right tools and strategies, we can do all this and make the most of our day. Among these tools, Sunsama is really great for task management and Slack helps us to communicate with our team effectively.

In this post, we will learn how we can use Slack within Sunsama to work more efficiently and achieve more productivity.

Benefits of connecting Slack with Sunsama

There are multiple benefits of using Slack within Sunsama. Some of them are as follows:-

  1. You can easily post your day schedule in Slack using this Sunsama Slack integration. This allows all of your team members to know which tasks you are going to complete today.
  2. You can easily turn your Slack messages into tasks in Sunsama without manually typing each task. This saves your time and ultimately boosts your productivity.
  3. You can receive instant notifications in Slack on task updates, assignments, and deadlines. This keeps you and your team members informed about the status of each and every task.

Integrate Slack with Sunsama

To connect Slack and Sunsama first of all we have to go to the Workspace Settings from the main dropdown menu in the top left corner of our Sunsama dashboard. Then we have to search for Slack under Integrations and then click on the ‘Add Slack Account’ button.

Add Slack Account Image

After that, you will be redirected to a page where you will connect your Slack and allow access to Sunsama.

connect sunsama to slack webpage

Click on the Allow button and now you are all set to use Slack in Sunsama. (Remember to log in to your Slack account before connecting it to Sunsama.)

Create tasks from Slack

After integration go to your Slack account and select your preferred channel. Invite the @sunsama bot to that channel.

Now we can directly create tasks in Sunsama through our Slack account. We can create tasks in mainly two ways:

1. You can turn a message into a task by using “message actions”. Simply just hover over the message and click on the “…” button present in the top right corner. After that click on the Create a Task option linked to Sunsama and your task will get automatically created in Sunsama.

create task using message actions

2. You can also use the /todo command to create a task. For example, to create the task “Go for the meeting at 1 pm” you just have to type “/todo Go for the meeting at 1 pm” and click enter.

create task using todo command

So, this is how we can create tasks in Sunsama directly from Slack. This saves us from manually typing each allotted task in Sunsama and thus helps to save time and be more productive.

You can also share all of your daily schedule with your team using the Post to Slack feature in Sunsama. Let’s see how to do it.

Post to Slack

After successfully planning your day on Sunsama you can share your day schedule summary with your team members on Slack by clicking on the Post to Slack button.

You can change the channel by clicking on the current channel present under the Post to Slack button and then choosing your preferred channel from the dropdown.

post daily schedule to slack

Similarly, you can also share your Daily Shutdown summary.

Connect Private Slack Channels

If you want to post your schedule to a Private Slack Channel you have to follow the given steps:-

  1. In Slack first invite the @sunsama bot to the Private Slack Channel
  2. Go back to Sunsama and refresh the website (CMD + R)
  3. Now click on the current channel under the Post to Slack button and now you can select the Private Channel in the dropdown.

Connect the correct Slack Workspace

If you accidentally get connected to the wrong Slack Workspace, you can fix it by following the given steps:-

  1. First, go to your Workspace settings in Sunsama and remove the current Slack integration.
  2. Now click on the Add Slack Account button. You will then get redirected to a webpage.
  3. On this page choose the correct Slack Workspace from the menu in the top right corner. At last click on the Allow button.
connect correct slack workspace


So, this is how you can use Slack within Sunsama to perform your tasks and collaborate effectively. Now stop thinking just go and connect your Slack account with Sunsama and transform your productivity game.

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